Month: January 2017

3 Powerful Diet Tricks For Women Only

Here are three great diet tricks you can and should be using if you are a woman.

First of all, you would want to be in caloric deficit. You need to burn more calories than you’re taking in if you want to lose weight. It’s just that simple. Your body functions like a mathematical formula. Therefore, you will need to burn off more calories through your metabolism and exercising than the calories you take in through food and drinks.

Second of all, always make sure to reduce your intake of simple sugars. This is because simple sugars will spike your insulin levels, which then causes your metabolism to drop / slow down. When this happens, you will then find it more difficult to execute step 1 (caloric deficit). This means that you will find it more difficult to lose weight. Therefore, reduce your intake of simple sugars.

Third of all, know that any diet changes which you cannot keep to forever, is not a good strategy. The only good weight loss dieting strategy is the one which you can keep to forever. You’re not looking to look skinny for 5 days in a year, and then fail and become fat again. You’re looking for a fat loss diet which will keep you in shape for the rest of your life!

Watch if you want more information on weight loss dieting for women!

Women Weight Loss Transformation – INSPIRATIONAL!

It’s always easier to lose weight when you’re inspired by women who were severely overweight and became really slim and good looking. It’s also easier when you follow such social media accounts such as AlvinChua91 or Women weight loss motivation.

Remember, motivation doesn’t last forever. That is why, just like BATHING, we recommend getting motivated DAILY!.

Do You Want To Lose Weight Quick? DUH Everyone Does

What you need to understand about weight loss is that nobody wants it slow. However, your results will likely follow an exponential curve – meaning that you will see little to no results for a long period of time in the beginning. All of those ‘overnight’ results will come after a long period of failing. What most people see is just the period where they’re already succeeding.

Thankfully, if you get a right coach like AlvinChua91 or some other world renowned women weight loss coach with results to back up, then perhaps you will be able to lose weight fast. This is not because there are special methods to lose weight. But it’s because you will be taught the right methods from day one, and not make the rookie mistakes that most women make (which is the reason why most women who are self-made take so many years to achieve true weight loss success).

Anyway, here are some rookie mistakes and learn from them so you don’t make them!

  1. Rookie mistake 1 – thinking that eating healthy foods will magically make you lose weight. That’s not true. Eating healthy foods alone without getting into a caloric deficit and controlling your intake of simple sugars will not help you lose weight at all. If anything, nothing will happen.
  2. Rookie mistake 2- working out too much. Did you know that if you workout too many days in a week (e.g. 7 days without rest), your chances of over training skyrockets? This is bad because when you get into the state of over training, your body falls sick easily, and you will not be at the optimal fat burning state too.
  3. Rookie mistake 3 – jogging. Did you know that jogging sucks as a weight loss exercise because it’s not very scalable? The only way to increase exercise intensity is to jog over a longer distance and/or reduce the time you use to jog the same distance. The first is boring after it gets beyond a certain distance (e.g. imagine dragging yourself to jog for 30-45 minutes gosh) and the second is hard to control.

If you want to actually learn how to lose weight quickly, then make sure to learn from a proven mentor instead of doing it yourself.

How To Finally Lose Stomach Fat Effectively

Working on losing your stomach fat can feel impossible, especially if you are those type of women who deposit all her fats around the abdominal region. It can feel frustrating. This is especially made worse because you will gain weight first around the stomach region, and lose weight last around that region.

The above video will share with you techniques on how to effectively target and lose fat from your stomach area FIRST and drastically reduce your waistline as compared with other normal weight loss techniques.

You have nothing to worry about, because the video also shows you how to reduce waistline for women by safe and effective methods such as proper nutrition and consistent workouts. There is no need to buy fancy equipments nor pop potentially dangerous weight loss pills into your mouth.

I can’t explain as well as the person in the video did, so just watch the above video.

How Women Can Reduce Thigh Fat – 3 Keys For Success!

Men and women tend to store fats at different parts of their bodies. Most women store it in their upper thighs. This is the reason why most women have fat thighs. Here are some steps you should take to help you reduce your thigh fat. If you’ve ever wondered how to get a thigh gap or simply lose thigh fat, then this is the right post for you.

Step 1 to lose thigh fat:

Perform interval sprinting. Interval sprinting is a type of exercise / workout where you will sprint for 10 meters to and fro, rest for a short period of time (usually 10-30 seconds), then repeat it over and over. This is super effective for losing thigh fat and getting a thigh gap as well (if you make sure that you run on level ground, and not on a slope). This interval sprinting workout will burn off your fats as well as workout your thighs and calves, helping you achieve two objectives in one fell swoop.

Step 2 to lose thigh fat:

Perform body weight squats to failure. I highly recommend body weight only squats because you don’t want weighted squats. It is easier to get bulky muscles if you perform heavy weighted squats.

Step 3 to get a thigh gap:

Control your diet! Most people (both men and women) gain muscles relatively easy on their thighs. Therefore, if you want a thigh gap, you want toned but not big bulky thigh muscles. To achieve that look, you want to make sure that you don’t take too much protein and end up building big thigh muscles. Also, control your carbohydrates and simple sugar intake and keep them low so that you will not gain fat.